LeViers Cosmicwind
Santa Cruz Ca.

Bio: MUSICIAN SONGWRITER - CREATOR OF MIRTH AND MUSIC - I SHARE MY MUSIC WITH THE WORLD... Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock N Roll, Acoustic, Piano. Sonic vocal Imagery, Metaphorical Food For Thought - ***SONICFOOD4U*** LeViers Cosmicwind is my vehicle - where sound and song - thought word and poetry along with vision art and picture travel across the globe straight to you in a flash - My name is Bryan LeVier - Music comes through me through my heart - Triumphant Engaging, insightful, and uplifting. I surely intend it to find you in such spirit. With an easy to enjoy sound and straight forward truthful message this is what drives me in a time when we are getting back to our roots and breaking through duality. This is our time! Evolution of humankind. Activation and awakening is where we stand. We are united as we have never been before. Time to transmute our fears, raise our frequencies and create the life we deserve. In love and light of our I am, LeViers Cosmicwind is - TRUTH IN A LOVELY FU!$KD UP PLACE- invoking awareness in all that encompasses our evolution, Crossing borders and genre's in timeless matter... MY MUSIC IS FOR YOU ~ You are My gift. Because of you there is a way and our way is the way of the Cosmic Truth Warrior. Take a lyrical journey with LeViers Cosmicwind while becoming what you truly are meant to be. Sincerely. LeViers Cosmicwind

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